What Are The Art Supplies You Need To Paint Miniature Model Figures?

Painting miniatures require planning. It also does require some few supplies. Different people paint miniatures for different reasons such as for display, for making dioramas or for tabletop games. The things that you need to start painting your miniature model figures include brushes and paints.


There are different types of miniature painting which include fantasy, science fiction and historical. One can paint vehicles or non-vehicles for example animals. You can also paint animals. Usually, the types of supplies you need depend on the type of paint you choose. You will need different colors of paints for each miniature model figure. After deciding on the kind of miniature you want to paint, find a scenery that is best for the type of miniature you paint.


To paint miniatures, you will need high-quality paint brushes. The low-quality brushes which are cheaper than the high-quality brushes shed and can mess up with your painting. For round surfaces, flat brushes are the best. Round brushes are best suited for painting detail. Remember to wash your brushes after painting. This is to avoid leaving paint on the brushes which later harden and destroy the brush. Store your paint brushes handle- end down in a jar. The good thing with paint brushes is that you can use any type of brush for any type of painting but with paints, you will need a specific paint for a specific miniature.


There are many different types of paints you can choose from. You can choose between water wash up paints, oil based paints, acrylic, and enamel. If you are a starter, it is recommended for you to use acrylic paints because they are durable and don’t need paint thinner to clean up. There are paints that are made specifically for miniatures such as master and Tamiya paints. These paints don’t need to be watered down when painting with the acrylic paints. Historic miniature paints usually come in different colors to represent uniforms and vehicle colors. Fantasy and the science fiction paint lines have bright colors such as blue and green.


To become a good miniature painter, you need practice and determination. If you live near hobby shops, you can visit and ask for advice on how to paint miniature model figures. Painting is a hobby and a very good one because it rewards you. If your work is not very good at first, you should not get discouraged or give up. Continue practicing as practice makes perfect and your work will get better with time.